How Homii Works

1 Find hosts/houses on Homii website

<aside> ✏️ You can filter hosts by Location and Budget


2 Sign up and complete filling your profile

<aside> ✏️ Fill enough information in the profile so that host will understand and trust you.


3 Send inquiries to hosts

<aside> ✏️ You can send inquires to multiple hosts at one time! It's better to send 2 to 3 hosts to raise the possibility of matching with a host!


4 Send message each other and agree the period and price

<aside> ✏️ Send message with hosts on the website. Sign in > Open the message page > choose the host you're contacting > Send message

Tips By sharing these information about yourself, you can get positive replies from hosts! -Youself (Home country, hobby and interests etc.) -Purpose of staying in Japan -Name of company you work for or school you go -From when you wanna stay -For how many months you wanna stay -What you can offer to help hosts


5 Agree & make payment for 1st month!

<aside> ✏️ Host agrees hosting you ↓ 💌Host send you the final condition of homestay ↓ 💰Confirm the condition, and make payment with card

Do you also wanna check? Is there another way of payment except card?


Now you complete the matching with your host!